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Everything You Need to Know About Tree Trimming

At Honolulu Tree Care, trimming trees is not only our most requested service, but our passion. Trees deserve to be trimmed with the utmost care, and their trimming should always be performed in accordance with the highest in industry standards.

The reason that care and expertise is so important when it comes to trimming goes beyond simple aesthetics- bad trimming can damage a tree beyond repair. On the other hand, good trimming can not only spruce a tree up (whether it’s a spruce or not!), but can extend its lifespan, making sure that your tree is there for you for many years to come. Not only will proper trimming greatly improve the overall structure of the tree, but it will improve the tree’s ability to heal it’s own wounds, and even allow it to better coexist with other structures in the area.

Whatever size tree you have, and however long it’s been growing, our team of expert arborists have the knowledge, expertise, and passion to ensure that it stays in tip-top shape for as long as it can. If you’re interested in professional tree and plant trimming in Honolulu and the surrounding area, we’re your go-to guys! Honolulu Tree Care is a tree trimming service provider with a passion, and our love and care can make an immense difference on both the overall health and aesthetic appeal of your property’s tree and plant life.

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Because of the positive health benefits that are associated with proper trimming, it is recommended that urban trees are trimmed at least ever 3-5 years. Even then, there are instances in which a light touch-up in between major trims may be necessary. These light touch-ups can both increase the overall health of the tree and keep it looking sharp.

man cutting tree honoluluWhen Do Trees Require Trimming?

There are numerous reasons that a tree may require trimming. These can include if a tree has a surplus of dead or damaged branches or if the tree is growing out into buildings, other peoples’ property, and/or roadways. Proper tree trimming can even be performed simply to improve a tree’s appearance, so long as the arborist knows what they’re doing! While these are common reasons that a tree may need trimming, there are many others. If you are at all curious if a proper and healthy trim may be right for you, contact us today and we’ll give you a free estimate to determine the unique and specific needs of your tree.

When properly done, trimming a tree can be one of the absolute most effective ways of both improving the appearance of your yard and making sure that your home is safe. When they are maintained properly, trees can greatly increase the overall aesthetic value of your home. Not only will trimming improve the overall health and prolong the lifespan of your tree, but it will also keep you, your loved ones, and any passerby safe from falling tree branches. When left unchecked, dead tree branches can easily fall off and destroy property, other plants, and injure people. Routine tree trimming should be performed every few years for average trees, and may even be performed more often in accordance with the specific diagnosis of a professional arborist.

tree in honoluluWhat Does Proper Trimming Entail?

Proper trimming or pruning of both your trees and plants can greatly increase both their health and their aesthetic value in accordance with the rest of your yard. Plants and trees that receive proper trimming live much longer and healthier lives, and look good while doing it! Even if you don’t care about your tree’s appearance, proper trimming is necessary in order for your tree to maintain the healthiest structure possible, eliminating dead limbs and other extraneous matter that’s getting in the way of healthy growth.

As professional and experienced arborists with a passion, we at Honolulu Tree Care have a deep understanding of the unique trees on Oahu. No matter what kind of tree, we have the level of care required to help keep it safe, beautiful, and strong. Proper pruning is a complicated science, and the tree can be badly damaged if the arborist doesn’t know exactly what they’re doing. Thankfully, the arborists at Honolulu Tree Care are some of the best in the business!

As some of the most important procedures that an arborist is responsible for, trimming and pruning play a huge role in both their training and their practice. If trimming isn’t performed correctly, trees and plants can be damaged beyond the point of repair. At Honolulu Tree Care, we only perform trimming when there’s a full understanding of both the reason for the trimming and the unique biology and history of the tree. Our Certified Honolulu Arborists know trees, especially those native to Honolulu. With our love, care, and understanding, we can perform miracles on your tree, maintaining it’s health while greatly increasing it’s appearance.

What Are the Benefits of Trimming?

Properly trimming a tree or plant is important for a number of reasons, the least of which is the tree or plant’s aesthetic appeal. In fact, just a few of the many benefits of trimming include it’s ability to:

  • Provide more clearance and reduce the interference of tree growth
  • Reduce the risk of damage caused by bad weather
  • Improve the vitality and overall health of the tree or plant
  • Help heal a plant that has been damaged
  • Minimize the risk of the tree dying
  • Encourage the healthier production of flowers and fruits


Should younger trees be trimmed?

Trimming isn’t only for old trees. In fact, many younger trees can greatly benefit from a proper trimming. Selective thinning of branches can help greatly improve the structure of the tree, helping encourage both flowering and growth of fruit. The selective trimming of younger trees can be used to correct waning branches, twin trunks, and several other types of structural problems that are common amongst Honolulu trees.

Should mature trees be trimmed?

As we’ve already discussed, mature trees are oftentimes the prime candidates for a healthy trimming. When done on mature trees, trimming is generally performed for the purposes of removing dead and diseased branches in order to increase the overall health of the tree. Doing so can both help promote growth and greatly expand the lifespan of the tree.

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Various Methods of Pruning and Trimming

Tree trimming and pruning can be performed for a very wide variety of reasons, and may entail a wide variety of different methods. 

Such methods can include: 



Structural Pruning

This type of pruning is generally performed on younger trees and will involve the removal of live plant matter in order to improve the overall orientation, space, and growth of the branches.

Reduction Pruning

This method entails shortening live branches in order to reduce the size of the tree or plant, to increase sunlight penetration, and also to decrease the interference the plant may be causing on other structures, or vice-versa.

Crown Cleaning

Crown cleaning is the practice of removing dead, broken, and diseased limbs from a tree or plant. Because of this, crown cleaning can also oftentimes be called “deadwooding”. This practice is generally performed for the purposes of reducing the risk of damage being done by dead limbs falling from the tree or to increase sunlight or air penetration on the healthy branches.Removing dead branches from trees will prolong the life of the tree!

Crown Raising

The raising of the crown of the tree will typically involve small cuts to remove both dead and live branches from the lower area of the tree, creating the illusion that the crown of the tree has been raised. This is done to improve the overall aesthetic appeal of the tree, and sometimes simply to allow more clearance underneath the tree for vehicles and passerby.

Restoration Pruning

Restoration pruning is performed by removing both dead and live branches in order to try and reform the structure of the tree or plant to it’s natural form. This is done in an effort to try and bring the tree back to it’s normal growth habits and reinstate it’s traditional vigor.

Root Pruning

As one can infer from the name, this type of pruning involves trimming roots that have overgrown their welcome, typically having grown out into sidewalks, foundations, or other similar structures that have gotten in their way.

We Truly Care About Your Trees

Honolulu Tree Care is your source for excellent and experienced trimming services in both Honolulu and the surrounding areas on the island of Oahu. Whatever type of tree or plant you are working with, Honolulu Tree Care has the love and experience necessary to give it the trimming that it deserves, bringing it back to full health and encouraging it’s growth! Our crews are both highly-trained and expertly certified, providing services such as:

  • Deadwood Trimming
  • Trimming for Roof Clearance
  • Canopy Thinning
  • Repair of Storm Damage


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Why Choose a Professional Tree Trimming Service?

There are many reasons that you should always go with a licensed and professional tree trimming service when it’s time for your trees or plants to be trimmed. Besides the fact that they have the knowledge and expertise to guarantee the job gets done right, there are also several other benefits to hiring a professional tree trimming service, including:

  1. Increased Safety – Trimming trees is dangerous business, and it should only be done by trained professionals who are fully aware of what they’re doing and the risk involved. Without the right safety practices, removing and trimming a tree can be deadly.
  2. The Right Equipment – Not only will professional arborists be well aware of the safety protocols to follow, but they will also have the equipment necessary to do the job safely, efficiently, and accurately.
  3. They’re Insured – Working with a licensed, insured, and accredited professional service also alleviates you from the liabilities that could be associated with trimming a tree on your own.

Proper Tree Trimming Requires Specialized Equipment

Proper and healthy tree trimming necessitates the need of specialized equipment, for reasons regarding both performance and safety. This equipment, such as unique cutters and lifts, is necessary in order to properly reach all the areas of the tree needed in order to perform succinct and surgical cuts. However, the equipment also poses many risks to the user, and should only be used by a trained and certified professional. While this equipment is perfectly safe when handled properly, and by those who know what they’re doing, it should NEVER be handle by those who aren’t properly trained. Unless you want to put yourself, your loved ones, and anyone in the vicinity at risk, DO NOT try to perform professional tree trimming on your own!

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Whether you are concerned about the health of your tree, concerned about a dead tree branch falling and hurting your property or a passerby, or simply wishing to increase the overall aesthetic value of your yard, we can help! As expert and experienced arborists in Honolulu, our team has the passion and care necessary to make the trimming or pruning or your plant or tree simple and hassle-free!

Don’t waste another second wondering if your tree is going to make it through the year- with our free consultation, we’ll show you all the options at your disposal for increasing the health and veracity of your trees and plants. Since the initial estimate is free, you have nothing to lose! If you’re introduced in receiving some of the best specialized tree and plant care in Honolulu and the surrounding areas, contact us immediately and we’ll get you on your way to a healthier yard tomorrow!

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