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As professional tree removal specialists in Honolulu, we appreciate that business owners and homeowners would rather protect their trees instead of removing them. However, under some circumstances removals are a necessary evil. When it comes to protecting the health and welfare of your family, your home and/or your business– safety should always be your number one concern, even if that means having to get rid of a beautiful tree.

cutting down and removing a tree

Our expert arborists and licensed tree removal professionals are fully equipped with the latest tools and techniques available on the market today to ensure your tree gets removed with safety and efficiency.

Tree removal is very dangerous and can cause great harm or even death. That’s why it’s so important to hire professionals to do the job. According to the International Society of Arbor Care, tree removal is in the eight most dangerous jobs in America! We are constantly meeting are re-educating our arborists and field techs on the latest and greatest safety protocols and advanced techniques to ensure safety for everyone involved.

Here are the primary reasons that a tree removal may be unavoidable :

  • Storm damage

  • Removal to facilitate new construction

  • Diseased or dead tree

  • Fungal infection

  • The tree’s root system may damage nearby sidewalks, driveways, walkways or houses

  • Because of its age, the tree is no longer stable and is leaning onto a roadway commercial building or residence

  • The tree is blocking the sun in area’s you want full sunlight

  • You’d like to utilize the space for a garden

We provide a wide variety of services from stump grinding to tree pruning to tree removal. If you need a tree on your property to be safely and securely removed– talk to Honolulu’s premier tree removal specialists.

Our team of experienced arborists are trained to work with anything from the largest trees in difficult to reach locations, to removing shrubbery. We will offer a fully itemized quote that will include everything from the tree removal to clean up and stump grinding / stump removal. Safety and security of our customers is of paramount importance to our employees, so if you need a trustworthy tree removal service in Honolulu please contact us for a free quote today!

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Honolulu Tree Pro’s is Oahu’s premier tree service brand. We offer everything from tree pruning, tree trimming, tree removal, dead tree removal, stump grinding, coconut palm tree maintenance and removal, cutting coconuts off trees and so much more. 

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Quickly, safely and effectively remove or maintain your trees with speed and precision!

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Need your dead trees removed? Look no further, Honolulu Tree Pro's has got your back!

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