Stump Removal and
Stump Grinding

Do you need to remove a tree stump from your property?

After removing a tree many people leave the tree stump in the ground. The main reason for leaving the stump behind is usually that removing it incurs additional cost. However, while leaving the stump might be a cost-effective option, it is not the best one.

Stump grinding is a tree removal method we specialize in here at Tree Care Honolulu. We are equipped to grind a stump of any size in any kind of location. We ensure that the stump is removed effectively, safely, and efficiently, with minimal disturbance to any other part of the lawn. Once we have ground the stump into mulch and done with it what is asked- be it using it on the property or disposing of it- we can either replant a tree in that spot or fill it up with topsoil and overseed that area.

This can allow a new tree to be strategically planted a few feet away. We have ISA Certified Arborists, who can offer expert consulting with regards to the best way to utilize the extra space.

At Tree Care Honolulu, we offer comprehensive stump grinding and removal services that cover everything from grinding, disposing of, clearing, to rehabilitating the affected area if needed. 

We make sure to customize our service and estimates to the needs of each of our customers. Call us today if you need a tree trunk removed from your yard on Oahu!

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There are numerous reasons why letting the stump be is not a good idea:

  • A stump is a perfect home for pests and termites. These pests can then spread to the neighboring healthy plants and trees, wreaking `havoc in the space.

  • With Hawaii’s humid weather, the stump will build up moisture and can become moldy.

  • Lawn mowing around the tree stump will be a challenge and nothing new can be planted within the vicinity of the left-behind stump.

  • Visual and aesthetic reasons

  • The stump will pose a tripping hazard to anyone using the space.

Removing the tree stump not only helps protect from many problematic issues, but it also offers wide-ranging benefits:

  • The space becomes free for replanting a new tree, which can add to the aesthetics of the landscape.

  • The space becomes hazard-free and visually more appealing, adding to the value of the property.

  • The stump is often turned to nutrient-rich mulch which can add to the health of the topsoil.