Planting or Removing Coconut Palm Trees

Coconut Palm Tree Removal

Have coconut / palm trees that need trimming, maintenance or removal? We’re here to help!  

There’s no doubt that palm trees are a beautiful addition to any property. There’s nothing better than watching palm trees sway in the wind. But there are many circumstances as to why you would want or need to remove a palm tree from your property of business. 

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Here are 5 signs that you may need to remove a palm tree from your property or business: 

1. Infections 

All trees are susceptible to diseases and infections, and palm trees are no exception. Palm trees can obtain contagious infectious diseases that can discolor the tree, and even kill the tree. It’s vital to remove diseased and dying palm trees as soon as possible- as the disease can spread to other trees nearby. 

2. Surrounded with bugs and pests

Insects can be very helpful to plant organisms; but if you notice that your palm tree is surrounded by an alarming amount of insects and critters- it’s a pretty good chance that there may be some mold or diseases growing in the tree. 

3. Your palm tree is severely crooked 

Although palm trees can last for decades even if it’s crooked, it may be a sign that it’s time to remove the palm tree if it is very slanted. Aesthetically, many people do choose to remove slanted palm trees for visual reasons. 

4. You need the space for something else

Whether your planning on adding to your home, building a pool  or wanting to make a garden- there are many reasons why you might need to cut down a palm tree in your yard to create more space for something else. 

Coconut & Palm Tree Trimming

cutting down palm fronds and coconuts from a palm tree. Palm tree removal

For both safety reasons and aesthetic purposes, it is necessary to trim palm fronds on your palm trees. It is also important to keep an eye on the coconuts in your palm tree. Palm tree’s are so extremely tall that if a coconut falls from the tree, it can lead to severe injury. Maintaining your palm trees is very important and should be done consistently to maintain safety. If you need your palm tree’s trimmed, give us a call and we will provide you with a free estimate. 

Can I cut down a palm tree in my yard by myself in Hawaii? 

Palm trees are very heavy and grow extremely, extremely tall. It is vital that you do not try to cut down a palm tree by yourself. We understand it may be tempting, but cutting down or removing a palm tree by yourself can lead to severe home damage, or even injury or death. If you need a palm tree cut down on Oahu, give us a call and our trained and skilled arborists and tree care professionals will get the job done safely and quickly. 



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