About our Tree Care Service:

Honolulu Tree Pros is Oahu’s premier tree removal and tree care service. Our arborists and professional tree staff are insured and certified; and use top of the line techniques and tools to get the job done right the first time. 

contractor cutting down and performing a tree removal service in Oahu, Hawaii

We are an honest company who prides ourselves on integrity and good old fashioned hard work. We are always up to date with state regulations and exceed all equipment and safety protocols to ensure that each and every job gets done safely. We have become a trusted name here in Honolulu for tree care services.

There is such a wide variety of tree species that grow here on our abundant island. Hawaii’s warm and humid climate allows for both native and invasive trees to flourish. Our expert arborists are highly trained and educated on the many species of trees here on Oahu, and will help walk you through each step of the tree care service you are requiring. 

cut down a palm tree in my yard

When it comes to small projects, sometimes people want to pull up their sleeves and do it themselves. But trimming and removing trees is a serious task, and a dangerous one at that. 

Non-trained people trying to remove a tree can lead to injury, damage to your home and property and even death. 

We sincerely hope that you will not risk your life- so please give us a call today so we can get the job done safely and efficiently! 

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Why we are different

Honolulu Tree Pro’s is Oahu’s premier tree service brand. We offer everything from tree pruning, tree trimming, tree removal, dead tree removal, stump grinding, coconut palm tree maintenance and removal, cutting coconuts off trees and so much more. 

removing trees from yard

Tree Trimming Honolulu

We quickly, safely and effectively provide tree trimming and pruning services on Oahu, with speed and precision!

Tree Removal Service

Need a dead or diseased tree removed? Look no further, Honolulu Tree Pro's has got your back! We also do trunk removal.

Oahu's Tree Service Experts

Licensed and professional arborists who provide top of the line tree care near you.

If you're in search of a good company for a tree cutting and tree service on Oahu, then Honolulu Tree Care is your best bet! I have used them 3 times now to remove dead and unwanted trees from my properties. They work quickly, safely and are really friendly. Give them a try."
Markus H.
Honolulu, Hawaii
"It's more important now than ever to support local companies here in Hawaii. Honolulu Tree Care truly does care about the quality of their work. They're friendly guys who just get the job done right. Highly recommend them."
Kalani M.
Ewa Beach
"I was really stressed out removing this huge dying tree from my yard. Honolulu Tree Care exceeded my expectations and got the job done so quickly yet safely. They even removed an old stump that had been there for years, and now I am able to use that space for my plants. Mahalo Honolulu Tree Care!"
Carolyn W.
Hawaii Kai