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Honolulu Tree Care is the premier tree service on Oahu–offering tree removal, tree trimming, tree planting and emergency tree maintenance. Highly trained and qualified, Tree Care Honolulu will assist in creating a clean and green environment around your property or business. Our highly skilled and licensed tree remover arborists will both safely and efficiently take care of your tree needs. We highly recommend to stick to a professional for tree removal and maintenance and keep the safety of your home and family at the forefront. We do it right the first time. 

We have the highest level of expertise in all kinds of tree services. Trees are an important asset to the aesthetic of your property or business. The well being of your trees can ensure a healthy environment and even help other plant species thrive in your yard. Removing unhealthy trees is important for safety reasons like protecting your home from tree damage, and even protecting your other healthy trees from contracting tree diseases. 

We have a highly trained and qualified team of professional arborists who can help you to improve and enhance the health, safety and appearance of your trees. We assist you in creating a clean and green environment around your property. We are a proud tree company who has secured the topmost position in the list of best tree companies in Oahu, and for good reason. We only utilize highly skilled and certified staff on the island. We take tree trimming, tree maintenance and tree removal very seriously- so it’s safe to say that your trees are in safe hands. 

Always keep in mind that incorrect tree service can completely ruin and even kill your beautiful trees. So it is very important to only trust your beautiful trees with certified and experienced tree care professionals. Tree Care Honolulu brings the top level of care and expertise to your area.

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What Makes Our Honolulu Tree Service Different From Others?

We are an all-rounder tree care company providing services to the whole island.

We strive to offer the highest level of satisfaction to our customers. We offer high-quality, safe and reliable tree services to Oahu residents and businesses. Whether you want a tree service at your home, office building or around any property, we will provide the best tree care possible with our trusted tree trimming and tree removal team. 

The tree trimming and removal is performed by well-trained arborists who use the highest quality equipment and techniques available today. At our tree company, we also offer several trimming options such as tree removal, root clearance, full tree pruning, vista pruning stump grinding, coconut palm tree planting and removal and so much more. Our arborist will help create the best solution for your property. 

Our experts also have experience in removing the toxic and dangerous plants and trees. We have all the necessary tools and equipment for the safe tree removal.

Sometimes you might need permits from the local government for tree removal which can be a hectic process. With us, you don’t need to worry about all this as our team will do that on your behalf. We will handle the entire process from the beginning to end.

Tree Removal in Honolulu

tree cutting service in honolulu oahu

There can be times when your decaying or diseased trees can not be saved no matter how hard you try. To ensure the health of other plants surrounding the area of the decaying tree, It is a wise idea to get the diseased tree removed as soon as possible to avoid other damages. 

Our experienced team can handle the process by first assessing the tree health and framing actions according to safely and effectively move remove the tree. No matter how big or small your tree is, our professionals will remove it in the safest way possible without causing any damage to your property. We focus on delivering the highest level of satisfaction to our valuable customers by providing the clean, safe and complete tree service.

It may be tempting to remove dead trees, or cut down unwanted trees by yourself. For safety reasons, we highly discourage you from doing this. It is of upmost importance that the safety of your family and home are at the forefront of tree removal. It’s important to utilize certified and licensed tree removal professionals who know exactly what they are doing, and have the proper equipment to cut down a tree in your yard. 

Tree Trimming In Honolulu

cutting a tree down from a yard

Tree trimming is another popular service offered by us in the Honolulu area. As a tree grows, its branches start spreading which can cause several problems especially if it is very close to your home or any other building. This is where our tree trimming service is recommended. Always get your trees trimmed or pruned at regular intervals to remove the dead and decaying branches and to maintain its shape. A poorly groomed tree can be very risky during storms and lightning, it can cause huge damage to your property.

Tree trimming or pruning should always be done by the experienced professionals as it is very important for the health and appearance of your tree. While this service sounds pretty easy and simple, it is very tricky to handle a matured tree that has several thick branches. But we are well prepared to work under any situation and on every kind of tree with our special tools and equipment. We carry out our work in the safest and quickest manner.

The most common reasons for trimming a tree include removal of dead or extra-large branches, deadwood removal, to get the clearance for yards, roofs and near the buildings or trimming to improve the appearance of trees. If you’re in need of any such service then contact us now to get your free quote. Our tree removal contractors can even schedule a meeting with you to assess the situation and to provide you with the right guidance.

Tree Services In Honolulu

We provide an all-round tree care service including the basic tree maintenance service such as clearing the broken branches after a heavy storm or rainfall episode and stump removal service as well.

As certified arborists, we know the best ways of keeping the trees disease-free, healthy and good looking. Whatever tree service you need, come to us and we make sure you get the best solution.

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Certified Arborist In Honolulu

As the certified tree service company, our specialized and trained arborists deliver the best type of tree services in the area. Our main goal is to advise you about the best course of action that needs to be taken in order to maintain the good health of your beautiful trees. Once we get to know about your tree-related problems, the rest is assured.

Important Information about Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is our biggest area of service at Tree Care Honolulu. Tree pruning or trimming should always be done with a clear objective in mind. It should be carried out according to the safety standards set by the industry. Poor service can result in poor health and even death of your tree. It can ruin the appearance and aesthetics of your garden which will be worse than an eyesore. On the contrary, a good trimming service will make sure that your tree looks better and stays healthier for years. 

Tree Removal Cost

The tree removal cost depends upon a number of factors. The largest factor is the size and age of the tree. Next is the area surrounding the tree. If there is a home or building nearby, the right precautions must be taken. This will naturally affect the time and difficulties of the job. 

What Can You Expect From Our Tree Trimming Service

Once you approve our service, we will schedule your desired tree service. In general, our tree service crew works upon the instructions and guidelines of our arborists. In fact, the arborist can even guide the crew members on the site if the situation demands. When the job is done, the arborists will perform a quality check to make sure the job is done properly and up to your satisfaction.

Note For Safety: We don’t mind your presence at the site, but to make sure you stay safe, we recommend you to stay clear of the worksite. Everything will be handled by our arborists and foremen.


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Tree Removal

Honolulu's number one tree and stump removal service

Tree Health

We love healthy trees! Lets keep your trees looking healthy in your yard!

Tree Pruning

Pruning is necessary to maintain the integrity of your trees. Maintain the health of your trees by our consistent tree pruning services!

Tree Removal

Looking for professional tree removal service on the island of Oahu? Look no further than Honolulu Tree Pros! Whether a tree is causing a potentially hazardous situation – or a tree is blocking useful light for other plants in your yard; we are the best choice for professional tree removal on the island of Oahu! There are many reasons you may need a tree removed, but please always remember that tree removal is the most hazardous and dangerous aspect of arboriculture and should only be done by a licensed, experienced professionals. Our arborists are trained to work efficiently and safely to successfully remove trees, no matter the situation. 

Tree Pruning

Sometimes healthy trees can overgrow and have limbs that may become hazardous. Tree pruining is necessary to maintain the integrity of the tree for both safety and aesthetic reasons. Such tree pruning must be done with a deep understanding and respect for the biology of that specific tree. Contact us to ensure that you are working with well equipped professionals who can get the job done properly. Located in Honolulu, we offer tree pruning services island-wide. 

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Stump Grinding and
Stump Removal

There’s nothing worse than a rotten tree stump in your yard. We offer stump grinding and stump removal services. This service involves our special tool that grinds the stump and roots into sawdust up to 4″ of depth. When the job gets complete, you’ll have a large hole in your yard that is filled with sawdust. You can refill this hole with soil to replant the bedding plants to improve the landscaping. 

Palm Tree Trimming & Maintenance

Coconut trees / palm trees are a lovely addition to any landscaping area. There’s no better site to see than palm trees swaying in the wind. Hawaii wouldn’t be Hawaii without the beautiful palm trees! If you have coconut trees or palm trees in your yard, its vital that you get them trimmed and maintained. Large palm fronds will eventually fall and can be dangerous if someone is underneath them when they fall! Also- coconuts falling from coconut trees can be deadly! So it’s important to maintain them. 

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We’re here to answer any questions you have about tree service, tree damage, tree removal, tree pruning, palm tree removal, tree health and everything else in between. 

If you're in search of good reviews for a tree cutting and tree service company on Oahu, then Honolulu Tree Care is your best bet! I have used them 3 times now to remove dead and unwanted trees from my properties. They work quickly, safely and are really friendly. Give them a try."
Markus H.
Honolulu, Hawaii
"It's more important now than ever to support local companies here in Hawaii. Honolulu Tree Care truly does care about the quality of their work. They're friendly guys who just get the job done right. Highly recommend them."
Kalani M.
Ewa Beach
"I was really stressed out removing this huge dying tree from my yard. Honolulu Tree Care exceeded my expectations and got the job done so quickly yet safely. They even removed an old stump that had been there for years, and now I am able to use that space for my plants. Mahalo Honolulu Tree Care!"
Carolyn W.
Hawaii Kai

We do tree removal and tree service for the island of Oahu.

Whether you’re looking to enhance the health of a tree in your yard, looking for tree removal, tree pruning, tree care, tree planting, stump removal, cutting down tree limbs or removing coconuts from palm trees; we are your expert, premier tree care service!